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Poets of the Fall

More in my face
Than is my taste
I grow so weary I'll surrender

To what they say
Let them lead the way
Till' I can no longer remember

My darling dreams
Prewritten scenes
Whatever felt my own

So to save face
I'll take my place
Where I may safely feel alone

Glad the waters are so shallow
When the river runs so cold

I'm quick to wait
Too slow to take
They call me gracious for my patience

And I feel proud
Under that shroud
And all the while it's all evasion

Some humor here
To fend off fear
And I'm a little more lost, oh dear

So to save face
I'll hold my place
So I may safely feel alone...
Advent Children -Thine Angel

okay slightly hooked

on Second Life I mean..

not been on WOW much since Sahav's computer is.. well being uncooperative. There is no way to get to run wow or much of anything exceppt email without freezing..**SIGH**

so been on Second Life a bit more than normal latest pick of my Rensime as a vampire have pics of her her change but will have to upload them later

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Advent Children On your Knees

Corp America Strikes Again

Found out today that Allied Waste is being bought out by Republic Waste.
The only thing left to discover is.

1. will our name change.
2. can we dumpp the uniforms.
3. do we have to reinterview for our jobs.
4. who and what will be cut.
5. more changes.. but where to start.

it's the corporate America of today, merge, buy out down size, and sweep house.

So only time will tell.

Worried? nope, still have my CDL and can always be retrained.
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Advent Children -Thine Angel

Not a Bad Day

Okay got up this morning and really didn't want to go into work.

the people at work got me a card with a Border's gift cert along with cup cakes and ice cream.

Came home and was great with "Happy Birthday Granma." My grandson was visiting and it was great to have little arms give me a hug.

So all in all it was a perfect day.
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Advent Children -Thine Angel


People are leaving, the con was smaller.. Wasn't involved in the Blaster Battle,, still not up to that, but did survive the skirmish. I think that by not pushing myself in the LARP (live action roleplay)..

It has been confirmed more than once that just because you do live action roleplay.. doesn't mean you know how to roleplay. There are many people who just have no concept of fair roleplay and in fact are very bad at it. It's the "I must win!" at all costs.. That is boring.. not to mention annoying. *sigh* oh well..

At least my one character Rensime is back with the Jedi with her master Serris... well after they get done on the current mission to Tharrin. So much still to be done in the coming year.

Now to get my one dark lady up to par and see what fate awaits Octavia, and Rensime etc..

Nyssa is not too pleased with the Jedi at this point...

Now have to turn my attention to the Diplomatic Division ... so more ideas are forming.

Back to rp.. and figuring out what .... the old crazy seerer of Tharrin will tell Zora.. hehehehhehe (evil cackle.)